Participants in our Wellness Adventure Program reduced the risk of developing depression by 50%

The award-winning Wellness Adventure Program is designed to boost resilience and enhance wellbeing in the elders in our care who may be at risk of developing mental health conditions. As an accredited facilitator you will deliver the program on site during weekly sessions, in four blocks over 12 months. You will be fully trained and supported throughout with presentations and resources to maximise engagement.

On completion of a recent program, participants reported a 50% decrease (88% down to 38%) in their perceived risk of developing depression compared with how they felt before starting their Wellness Adventure (April–June 2021).


What our facilitators are saying:

‘We have received such amazing feedback regarding this training and the ongoing rollout.’

Facility Manager, (Adelaide)

‘I am so excited to be part of this project and to see the changes in my residents – they enjoy getting out of their rooms and our sessions. It has been transformational.’ Lifestyle Coordinator, (Newcastle)

‘We held our first class this week and WOW what a response. I feel like I gained as much or more than my beautiful residents. The communication between the residents opened up so many pathways. I'm truly blessed to be a part of something so beautiful.’

Lifestyle Coordinator, (Sydney)


‘I enjoy delivering the sessions with my colleague and working together to support our residents. It is fun!’

Chaplain, (Mid North Coast NSW)


What our participants are saying: 

‘I liked it very much. We got to know each other better. It was different to being in the dining room. I recommend this group to others.’

‘It’s good to be around others. I like being in a group, it helps to spread the whole thing (discussion).’

‘I don’t normally like groups but I enjoyed it. The subject matter was interesting. I say to others it’s worth giving it a go.’

‘I thought it was very good and very helpful. I enjoyed being in a small group. I liked the information in the folder. I enjoyed the teaching and working and interacting as a group. I look forward to the group each week.’

‘I really enjoyed it. It’s good for me to live in the moment because I’ve always lived in the past. I enjoyed being in a small group. Yes, I’d recommend the group.’

‘I liked all the interactions in the small group. I liked meeting new people. I enjoyed sharing my life and my opinions on the topics. I had a lot of things I could go back on to share with others. The last day of the group was the best because everyone talked.’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m new to here. I saw into people, it was very interesting. F, she’s a lot better because of the group. I’ve been independent for a long time then came here. I enjoyed being in a small group.’


Become accredited and licensed to run the award-winning Wellness Adventure program with clients at risk of developing mental health conditions. You will receive full training prior to delivering the evidence-based program along with ongoing support. The licence includes recommendations for pre and post measures, session outlines, participant handouts and ongoing facilitator support.

Australia has an ageing population, and there are currently over 290,000 older adults residing in RACFs. Sadly, the latest research indicates that 52% have a diagnosis of depression.

It’s clear that adjusting to life in an aged care facility can be difficult. The Wellness Adventure Group program has been designed to support both new admissions, and those who are having difficulty adjusting. The program offers practical strategies for residents, opportunities to build support networks and tips on improving coping and overall wellbeing.

Licensee eligibility
To become an accredited facilitator of the Wellness Group, your organisation is first screened for suitability. The key element of becoming a licensee is to maximise your existing workforce and identify suitable professionals who will become accredited facilitators (usually 2–3 staff per facility). Accredited facilitators may include mental health professionals, RNs, diversional therapists, leisure and lifestyle coordinators, chaplains and carers.

Completion of Enhancing Emotional Wellbeing in Late Life program 

(pass score 50%).

Licensee onboarding
The first step is to provide the initial onboarding for individuals who will become accredited facilitators. The training is delivered over two 2–hour blocks and includes the following:

Session 1
• The Benefits of Preventative Incentives
• The Role and Expectation of Group Facilitators

Session 2
• Screening and Measuring Success of Wellness Program
• Practical Strategies and Troubleshooting

Licensee inclusion
• Content for group sessions delivered in four blocks over a 12–month period
• Facilitator manual, an outline for each session and participant handouts
• Ongoing support with monthly supervision and support delivered by psychologist Dr Julie Bajic Smith
• Program content updates with up-to-date evidence-based research and recommendations.

To find out if this program is suited to your organisation, get in touch via our online form or call us directly on 02 90250973 to discuss your suitability today.


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