Episode 25 - Get to Know the Host - Dr Julie is in the Hot Seat (Interviewed by Maurie Voisey-Barlin)

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2020
In this episode Dr Julie is in the Hot Seat as we get to know the host. We welcome back to the show Maurie Voisey-Barlin who is interviewing Julie. Maurie and Julie discuss Julie’s background, including her upbringing in Bosnia and then New Zealand, and doing her university study in Australia.
Julie shares how moving to a new country where she didn’t speak English at the age of 11 has impacted her interest in communication and connection, as well as the special connection she had with older people from a young age.
Maurie and Julie then discuss why she decided to focus on Aged Care, when and how WiseCare started and all about her research and work first with 1:1 psychology and now in the mentoring and training of the Aged Care Workforce.
They cover the potential for growth and thriving in Aged Care, how to deal with and give families the right support, as well as empowering workers in Aged Care to both support the needs but also have a...
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Episode 24 - Demystifying Palliative Care with Kelly Arthurs

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2020
Julie speaks with experienced Clinical Nurse Consultant, Kelly Arthurs, a Registered Nurse who specialises in Palliative Care. It’s a very important topic that is often not discussed openly in Aged Care because people don’t know how to ask the right questions or what to say or do, and Kelly has great insights to share.
Kelly explains what Palliative Care is, including the 5 phases of Palliative Care, because it’s something people often are confused about. She shares a bit about her background and what inspired her to specialise in Palliative Care, as well as about the Hammond Care Centre for Learning and Research in Palliative Care.
Julie and Kelly discuss how people working in Aged Care can connect with their local Palliative Care unit, as well as some resources for families or staff to use. Kelly also emphasises the power of information to equip staff and families with the knowledge of what death and dying looks like and how to make...
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Episode 23 - Explore Aged Care with Jo Muirhead

podcast Nov 10, 2020

Julie speaks with Jo Muirhead, a Rehabilitation Consultant and the leader of Purple and Co. Jo tells Julie about her Great Aunt Gwen, a bit about her life story and some of the challenges as she aged and moved into care, as well as why she was so influential in Jo’s life. Jo also explores some of the stereotypes about older people being grumpy, judgemental and technologically challenged, and how Great Aunt Gwen defied those ideas.

Julie and Jo then discuss some of the reasons why more health care professionals aren’t working in Aged Care, as well as some of the misunderstandings that health care professionals often have about accessibility and engagement issues for that Aged Care population. Jo shares some of her experiences with the fact that all health professionals are always rushed and under-resourced, and how this is a barrier to client-centred focus, but an even bigger challenge in the Aged Care industry.
Jo and Julie cover the importance of...
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Episode 22 - Resident Perspective with Rev. Ron Baker

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2020
Julie speaks with Reverend Ron Baker, who is almost 90-years old and lives in a residential aged care facility in Australia. Ron has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of topics and he has first-hand experience of how COVID19 has impacted those living in residential aged care facilities this year.
Ron shares how long he’s been in an aged care facility and how the transition was for him when he first moved there. He then tells Julie a bit about his life, his career in ministry and the way he’s applying those skills and connecting with other residents in his facility too.
Ron explains how he loves studying and researching, as well as how he sees technology both to connect with people but also to continue to feed his fascination for learning. He talks about how he connects with people and engages with residents, including those from non-English speaking backgrounds.
Ron also shares about the impact of having residents in his...
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Episode 21 - Diversional Therapy with Donna Valantis

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2020
Julie speaks with Donna Valantis, a Diversional Therapist who works as a Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator. Donna tells us about her background and how she became involved in the Aged Care industry.
Julie and Donna discuss what Diversional Therapists do, and the differences between a Diversional Therapist, Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator and a Recreational Activities Officer.
Donna then explains how Diversional Therapy works, the types of activities that could be on offer, as well as the important role of volunteers and the community in these activities. She explains some of the activities volunteers can participate in, the process of becoming a volunteer and benefits for the volunteers as well as the benefits for residents having a variety and combination of these roles and activities.
Julie and Donna explore some of the misconceptions many people have about Aged Care, how Donna addresses that and some of the ways Donna and her team support resident...
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Episode 20 - Swinburne National Telehealth Counselling and Support Service for Aged Care with Prof. Sunil Bhar

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2020
 Julie speaks with Professor Sunil Bhar about the Swinburne National Telehealth Counselling and Support Service for Aged Care. Sunil tells us about his background in private practice and research, as well as what inspired him to focus on Aged Care, both working with older people and in helping to train the workforce that is sensitive to the needs of older adults.
Julie and Sunil discuss why it’s important to be training and up-skilling psychologists to work in Aged Care, why many of the tools in psychology for other populations are not appropriate for Aged Care and the more specific measures that have be developed in the last decade that are specific to this older population.
They also cover the various reasons it can be more difficult to screen Aged Care residents for mental health conditions.
Sunil then explains the Telehealth Counselling program through Swinburn University, including who it’s for, how it works and how people can get access to...
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Episode 19 - Bringing Creative Engagement to Residential Care with Maurie Voisey-Barlin

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2020
In this episode, Julie speaks with Maurie Voisey-Barlin, a Creative Engagement Specialist. Maurie and Julie discuss the role of Creative Therapeutic Engagement Specialists, what he does with older adults and how he has been supporting his peers and clients during COVID.
Maurie explains why many lifestyle specialists get frustrated when the document that matters most is scantily filled out, and how his role is to unearth the goldmine of information that families don’t realise they have. He also shares the story of a powerful breakthrough he had with an Aged Care resident that he worked with.
Maurie then tells Julie about the Outside In Collective, why mentoring his peers is so important and what inspired him to do that, as well as how his background as an actor helps with the work of a Creative Engaegement Specialist.
They finish their chat discussing Window Therapy and why it’s so effective, what Maurie would like to see happen in Aged Care...
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Episode 18 - Leisure and Lifestyle, with Del Marie McAlister

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2020

Episode 18: Leisure and Lifestyle, with Del Marie McAlister

1 September, 2020


Welcome back to the first episode this year after Julie returns from maternity leave to this strange time we’re all living with during COVID-19. Julie will discuss the impact this has had with every guest for the remainder of the year.
In this episode Julie speaks with Del Marie McAlister, a leisure and lifestyle consultant who has worked in aged care for a long time now. Del also has a background as a chaplain and volunteer coordinator, as well as in grief counselling and freelance journalism so she has many skills to bring to her work.
More recently, Del has been working in the aged care sector during the pandemic so Julie speaks with her about the impact that has had and how she has been able to bring her skills and expertise to today’s world.
Del shares a bit about her background and the training she offers leisure and lifestyle personnel, as...
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Episode 17 - Season One Wrap

podcast Dec 11, 2019

Episode 17: Season One Wrap 

11 December, 2019


I hope you've enjoyed this first season of the show. I've thoroughly enjoyed bringing all the episodes to you and interviewing a wide range of speakers. You see, we don't often talk about Residential Care because most of Australians live in their own homes.
Fact: it's only 5% that live in Residential Aged Care environments. So often this population is forgotten about and we don't necessarily hear positive stories. And my aim was to communicate the various psychosocial benefits that can be delivered to older people whose physical health is declining.
I'm taking a little break over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. However, I'm already mapping out the next season of The Voice of Aged Care, which will come out sometime in early 2020. In the meantime, you can catch up on the previous episodes in your favorite podcast app and also connect with me on Facebook and Instagram. Using the...
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Episode 16 - The Role of Spirituality in Late Life with Jenny Blok

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2019

Episode 16: The Role of Spirituality in Late Life With Jenny Blok

4 December, 2019


Julie speaks with Jenny Blok, who has worked as a Chaplain for 12 years and now manages a team of Chaplains and Pastoral Care Volunteers to support older people both in residential settings and in their homes. Jenny shares how she came to work in Aged Care as a Chaplain, as well as what spiritual care is and who it’s for. Chaplains provide not only religious care but also other areas of spirituality and connection, such as creativity and gardening.

Episode 16: The Role of Spirituality in Late Life with Jenny Blok

4 December, 2019


Jenny and Julie discuss the change in standards that has given more responsibilities to chaplains and created greater expectations and challenges, as well as professionalised the role within Aged Care settings. Jenny explains how her team works with residents who are returning to faith and beliefs later in life,...
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