For Families

Who wish to begin the journey of aged care with confidence

No family should be left in the dark

The journey into aged care is often described as uneasy.


For family members, it’s a significant change that comes with a lot of emotions and not enough support and reassurance.  

It’s common to feel overwhelmed about where to even begin. You feel guilty for sending your loved one into aged care. You’re afraid of what will happen when you’re not around. You’re confused about the different staff roles at the home or facility. How often should you visit? How will aged care affect your relationship?

For years, I have helped families all over Australia make the smooth transition into aged care. And now, I have compiled all my experiences, insights, tips and strategies into one comprehensive handbook.

For you and your family. 

Here’s what you will learn

✔️Rare insights about entering and adjusting to aged care

✔️Proven strategies to maintain and boost wellbeing

✔️Practical tips that are easy to understand and use

✔️How to make visits more meaningful and rewarding

Choose between 2 family packs


Family Digital Pack


●      E-book version of the handbook ‘How to Make Visits More Enjoyable


●      Webinar recording of the handbook






"The information in this guide has been God sent. Julie has helped our family tremendously with practical tips on how to support mum's adjustment to residential care."

Amanda Thomas

Family Pack Content Highlights

Handbook: ‘How to Make Visits More Enjoyable’

  • Professional insight into what it’s like for a person entering an aged care facility
  • How to adjust to the new journey of aged care
  • How to maintain and boost the wellbeing of your loved one
  • Managing health conditions and nutrition
  • Guided exercises including:
    • Identifying interest and activities
    • Scheduling pleasant events
    • Top 5 tips about my loved one

BONUS : ‘10 Practical Tips on Better Communication Between Nursing Staff, Relatives and GPs’ 



I am your aged care psychology consultant

I have dedicated my life to aged care psychology for nearly a decade.


I began as a practising psychologist helping hundreds of older adults transition smoothly into aged care. It was during this time that my clients kept telling me how much they felt their caregivers lacked the understanding needed to support them emotionally.


And so began my crusade as an aged care psychology consultant and mentor to families.


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