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The materials learned in this course are for my own use and learning. Materials will not be redistributed without written permission from Wise Care Pty Ltd. 

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Do you struggle to support clients who are isolated, withdrawn and feeling sad?

Is client's cognitive impairment hindering their wellbeing?

Do you feel tired, drained and stressed at the end of the day?

Are you over unrealistic training which does not deliver real results?

Five reasons why you have not dug in deeper to understand the delivery of emotional care 

  1. You have felt that escalating concerns to client's GP would "fix" the issue. 

  2. You were worried about client's privacy and if it was OK to ask certain questions.

  3. You have felt that you are not qualified to talk to clients about how they are feeling.

  4. Already stretched with time. 

  5. You may feel that it is "just common sense" knowledge yet you are not getting improved outcomes. 


This training package is jam packed with VALUE

What you'll get:

  • Six modules which comprehensively cover emotional care needs specifically for older adults

  • Practical tips and strategies which can be downloaded and printed

  • Easy to use strategies to help you build your own resilience when working with older adults

  • Exclusive membership to a private community

This is one of the kind training opportunities which provides a comprehensive overview and SOLUTION to better meeting the emotional needs of older adults AND help you feel more fulfilled in your role.


“I found this program really useful, particularly Module 2 as it relates so well to my clients and the barriers they have. I have done a lot of training over the years but this by far has been most useful and practical. Julie does an excellent job in simplifying complex information into easy to follow strategies. I love it! ”

Jane, Lifestyle Coordinator

“Julie knows what she is doing. Congratulations!”

Assistant in Nursing

“Julie's commitment to her work and her clients is commendable and reflected in her delivery and focuses on a well needed area/gap in service delivery. ”

Registered Nurse, Carer Engagement/Project Officer