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As of July 1st, 2019, the government has introduced a new set of Aged Care Quality Standards.

This is an important step in the right direction. It pushes us to assess and reshape our current model of aged care delivery.

Aged care is an incredibly noble line of work that comes with high emotions, tension and pressure.

I’ve worked as a psychologist and a consultant with over 50 aged care providers across Australia and I’ve seen a consistent pattern:

Staff members can usually identify symptoms of anxiety, depression and adjustment difficulties but when it comes to responding to these symptoms, they often don’t know what to do or say.

If we’re going to tackle the growing rate of depression among residents, we need to empower the aged care workforce to provide emotional care.

It means taking more of a non-pharmaceutical approach to mental health. It means shifting the mindset of ‘what residents can’t do’ to ‘what residents can’. It means giving every carer evidence-based skills and strategies to prevent and manage mental health issues.

All of this leads to powerful flow-on effects...

  • Your staff will feel more fulfilled in their roles from seeing real and positive results
  • Higher satisfaction rates with families of residents
  • Higher engagement rates for other facility programs like exercise and mobilisation

In an industry first, I am proud to introduce a program of three courses that will not only help you exceed the new Aged Care Quality Standards, but help you transform the relationships you have with your clients and their families.

Program Features

Step 1: Preliminary Training

This course provides a comprehensive guide on how to manage, support and reduce the risks of adjustment difficulties such as isolation, anxiety, depression and suicidality without leaning on medicative strategies.
✔️6 hours of content including videos, slides and course handouts.

Step 2: Becoming a Licensed Wellness Group Facilitator 

This is a prerequisite to prepare aged care providers who wish to run their own group wellness sessions.

✔️4 hours of content including videos, slides, live training and

✔️Become qualified as a licenced wellness group facilitator


Step 3: Running the Wellness Groups

Acquire all the resources to successfully run the Wellness Groups - an engaging and proven system to improve the emotional resilience and wellbeing of aged care clients living in residential care.

✔️ Deliver with confidence the 8-week program up to 4 times a year

✔️Program content includes facilitator manual, session scripts and participant handouts

✔️ Ongoing support with monthly live Q&As and access to an exclusive member community with other licensed facilitators across Australia

"The training was highly enjoyable. I recommend the pre-requiste training for all new RNs entering aged care"

Kylie Black, Registered Nurse

Aged Care Provider’s Course Plan

Step 1: Preliminary Training
All applicants must complete Enhancing Emotional Wellbeing in Late Life program prior to the accreditation training.

  • Module 1 – The Benefits of Preventative Incentives
  • Module 2 – The Role and Expectation of Group Facilitators
  • Module 3 – Screening and Measuring Success of Wellness Program
  • Module 4 – Practical Strategies and Troubleshooting

Modules will cover a wide range of topics including:

  • The principles of EMOTIONAL CARE and why it’s important when supporting residents
  • Identifying different types of risks which affect emotional well-being in residents
  • Easily recognising which older adults NEED YOUR HELP the most and how you can help them
  • 20 non-pharmacological strategies to boost resident wellbeing
  • Examining your own self-care strategies to improve emotional resilience
Step 2: Becoming a Licensed Wellness Group Facilitator
Course Duration: 4 hours of training





Modules will cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Clearly communicating helpful strategies in a way that MAKES SENSE to older people
  • Recognising how to SCREEN emotional changes with confidence
  • Using PRACTICAL TOOLS to help your staff establish social goals with your clients

Lesson materials include:

  • Videos, slides, live training and webinars
Step 3: Running the Wellness Groups
Program Duration: 8-week term designed to be run 4 times a year for a total of 32 sessions.

The Wellness Group Program will cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Learning easy-to-use evidence-based strategies to RESPOND to the emotional needs of your clients
  • Utilising individualised and person-centred wellness preventative strategies
  • Crafting an ‘easy to implement’ wellness strategy that you can use again and again
  • Minimising family complaints

Each of the four 8 week terms will contain new content with materials including:

  • Easy to follow scripts for facilitators
  • Participant handouts
  • Monthly live Q&A support by myself and the Wise Care team
  • Access to an online community to connect with other licensed facilitators from around the country

I am your aged care psychology consultant

I have dedicated my life to aged care psychology for nearly a decade.


I began as a practising psychologist helping hundreds of older adults transition smoothly into aged care. It was during this time that my clients kept telling me how much they felt their caregivers lacked the understanding needed to support them emotionally.


And so began my crusade as an aged care psychology consultant and mentor to families.


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