Emotional Care in Late Life

Do you ever feel stuck, not knowing what to say to your client?

This course is the first of its kind when it comes to delivering emotional care with older adults. You will gain practical tips in helping older adults achieve their social goals and improve wellbeing. The learnings from this course will help you transform the relationship with your clients by recognising what is going on for them and knowing how to respond.

Understand the principles of EMOTIONAL CARE and why it is important when supporting older adults.

Easily recognise which older adults NEED YOUR HELP the most and how you can help them. 

Identify different types of RISKS which affect emotional wellbeing in older adults. 

Clearly communicate helpful strategies in a way that MAKES SENSE to older people.

Using PRACTICAL TOOLS to help you establish social goals with your clients. 

Recognise how to SCREEN emotional changes with confidence.

Learn easy-to-use evidence-based strategies to RESPOND to emotional needs of your clients.  

Utilise individualised and person centred wellness preventative strategies with the older person.

Use new measure to boost ENGAGEMENT.

Examine your own self-care strategies to improve emotional resilience.

Enhance self-compassion through simple and short daily tasks. 

Address the common psychological effects of dealing with workplace grief and loss.

Craft an “easy to implement” wellness strategy that you can use again and again.


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