In 2021 we are embracing e-learning through self-paced modules with unlimited access to all the content and resources. On-site training is only available to NSW based organisations who take on corporate bookings.


Learn practical strategies to transform your interactions with clients from the one filled with sadness and grief to hope and purpose in their twilight years. ACWA endorsed activity (6 CPD hours)

Mental Health CPD, 6 CPD Points


Mental Health CPD, 6 CPD Points

Are you an aged care worker, allied health professional or volunteer looking for practical strategies and tools to enhance emotional wellbeing in the elderly? 

This workshop equips you with the knowledge you need to provide emotionally aware care to your elderly clients. Delivered online with the endorsement from the Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA), this 6-hour workshop will help you understand the prevalence of mental health conditions in late life, the factors associated with emotional changes and practical strategies how to support clients whose physical health is compromised.

With an increased knowledge of emotional wellbeing in the elderly, you can be confident in your ability to deliver meaningful care and improved social engagement with your clients.

This workshop will show you how to:

  • Finetune your screening process of mental health to enable better in-house support and appropriate escalation to healthcare professionals
  • Identify the strengths and social goals of aged care residents and implement a strengths-based approach to health and wellness
  • Understand the importance of a holistic collaboration between aged care workers and families to better support older adults
  • Incorporate a range of evidence-based psychosocial strategies into everyday service delivery.

Workshop details

Duration: 6 hours 

Suitable for: Residential and community aged care workers, retirement village employees and managers, RNs, EENs, leisure and lifestyle coordinators, chaplains, allied health professionals and volunteers.

Prerequisites: Certificate III in Individual Support or above.

Topics Covered:

Module 1 – Emotional Wellbeing

Module 2 – Identifying Strengths

Module 3 – Establishing Social Goals

Module 4 – Resilience Boosting Activities

Module 5 – Integrated Collaboration


Grief is a normal part of life. However, in late life, it is often experienced more frequently. Because of this, it can be difficult to recognise and differentiate grief from other life factors and adjustments. Learn the key factors around grief in late life in this introduction course (2 hrs).

"Thank you Julie, I found the course very informative and time wise manageable. Training is always beneficial but it is not always easy to fit in with a workload, thank you for structuring it so well. The handouts will be useful resources moving forward, I am sure I will reference them frequently. Thank you once again for delivering a very informative, useful course that will assist our client to live happier lives."

Gail Willett
Regional Assessment Service, LatrobeCity

"Thankyou Julie. This course has been so full of useful and practical information for me personally to apply to my work in aged care. A clients emotional wellbeing is an area that is often overshadowed by their more urgent physical needs. You have provided an excellent resource to meeting the clients needs in a holistic way."

Linda Stewart
Aged Care Worker

"Thank you for a very in-depth and valuable course that is beneficial for working in aged care. I know find myself with every interaction with the older person focusing on their strengths and reminding them of their strengths rather than them focusing on what they can no longer do. I now look at things differently, which is wonderful."

Jodie Hepworth
Precision Living Consultancy

"Thank you for the course. I have learned many new things. As I live in Adelaide I was grateful that it was available online."

Kylie Campbell
Aged Care Professional

"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me/us. I appreciate it and can't wait to use the strengths that I have gained from this workshop. Its given me more confidence to approach difficult circumstances that arise regularly. I use relaxation music and diversionary methods to settle my residents and with the knowledge that I now have, I can introduce new ways to better provide support for my residents. Thank you "

Debbie Kennedy
Personal Care Worker, Ananda Aged Care


Please check responses to the commonly asked questions below and if you do not find an answer please email [email protected]

Q: I work in the community, is this workshop relevant to me or just for those who work in residential care?

A: Yes, the course is applicable for community setting as well as we talk about the client rather than the environment that they are in. There is a brief pre-course survey and statistics indicate that the participants so far are 40% community/60% residential care. We've had a high volume of chaplains complete the program recently through their employer and many work across both settings. 

Q: I am interested in the "Enhancing Emotional Wellbeing in Late Life - Practical Strategies" but am wondering if this is a webinar or face to face or online (e-learning)?

A: This is an online self-paced e-learning program consisting of five modules. Each module takes just over an hour to complete. You will have unlimited access to course material even after you finish to download resources and templates and any updated. In 2021 I hope to offer this workshop face-to-face in Sydney and other cities in the future.

Q: There is no information about the dates of this course, the method of delivery, the duration of the course, the minimum software requirements, or the time commitment required. Please provide before I can make a decision.

A: This is an online self-paced program consisting of five modules. In total you will accrue 6 hours of CPD points. You can access the materials from a smartphone or a PC. The material is presented via a recorded session so speakers are required to complete the activities outlined in the handouts. You can print the handout for each of the modules as well as templates, they will be helpful to use straightaway with your clients.

Q: Do you have to complete the full 6 hours at one time or can you go back to finish this workshop at another day?

A: The program is designed to be self-paced and you can complete one module at the time. Some participants find it useful doing one module per week or more frequently, it is entirely up to you. One module equates to approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes of your time. You can take your time and have unlimited access to all the modules and resources provided.

Q: I am enrolled in the program but do not know how to use the online platform.

A: Below is the User Guide with step-by-step process and screen shots, if you are still experiencing problems please get in touch by click the link at the bottom of the page or emailing us at [email protected]


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