Beyond the Reluctant Move is essential reading for the aged care workforce, family members and loved ones who believe every older person deserves to be heard, understood and loved.

This is definitely the book that had to be written.  I would recommend it to all practitioners of older people. This is essential reading if we are to overcome ageism and support our valued citizens to live in a state of becoming until their last breath.


As I have a mother in aged care and work in aged care for over 40 years, I found this book to be very informative. It is insightful and in my opinion should be read by all relatives wanting to place their loved ones into an aged care facility and all employees in the aged care industry. Well done Dr Julie!


This is absolutely fantastic. Congratulations on this ground breaking achievement. Well done.


I think this book is a really important resource and hopefully we will be able to work with you this year, once all the pandemic stuff settles down.

Easy read and well written. I’d recommend for all in aged care or considering aged care for loved ones.

I’m really enjoying this book Julie. It’s very practical and informative from the point of view of both a carer and health professional.

I have just finished reading the book - covering everything from emotional, positive and meaningful care, stories from clients and health professionals that Julie has spoken to over her career and tips for change (the animals in residential homes really struck a cord with me). This book will help me not only with my voluntary work and studies, but in my future job roles. A must for anyone working at any level with elderly people.

Michelle Goody


Michelle Goody


My copy is full of highlighted sections. Lots of great thoughts & tips which I have certainly shared with family members. A wonderful resource. 🥇

Maurie Voisey-Barlin

Creative Engagement Specialist

Maurie Voisey-Barlin

Creative Engagement Specialist


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Is your loved one currently living in residential care or likely to move into care in the near future?

Do you work in aged care and find that many of your clients experience emotional changes during transition, but you are uncertain how to best help them?

Until recently, most older people received in-home care from family – but an ageing population, higher prevalence of dementia and an increase in the retirement age and financial burdens has resulted in a sharp rise in those moving into residential aged care.

The transition into care is often overwhelming and loved ones and aged care workers receive limited information on how to provide emotional support during the change.

I have dedicated my career to improving the wellbeing of older people and have written this book to share my proven and easy to follow non-drug strategies for residential care settings that focus on the strengths and abilities of older people, rather than their limitations.

You’ll learn:

  • Risk factors that impact emotional health and wellbeing in late life
  • Simple but powerful strategies to provide positive and meaningful care
  • The importance of collaboration and self-care for carers and families.


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  • What topics are covered in the book?
  • The book is divided into five parts that cover the essential skills of emotionally aware aged care – emotional wellbeing, identifying strengths, establishing social goals, resilience boosting activities and integrated collaboration. Specific chapters look at changes in late life in relation to wellbeing, mental health, abilities, goals, activities and memories, and discuss the many ways that families and aged care workers can provide meaningful support to older people during the transition into aged care and beyond.

  • How will this book help me in my role?
  • Gone are the days when addressing emotional wellbeing was limited to GPs and mental health professionals. Today’s reality is that we can all do something to improve the wellbeing of older people and reduce isolation. This book offers practical strategies that focus on identifying the strengths of older people to help them achieve the best outcomes in their twilight years.

  • How are the books shipped?
  • The hardcover and paperback books are shipped via Australian Post and are trackable. The e-book is delivered directly to your email inbox.


  • Do you offer training?
  • Yes, I run workshops that are suitable for residential and community care workers, retirement village managers and employees, registered nurses, endorsed enrolled nurses, leisure and lifestyle officers, chaplains, allied health professionals and volunteers. I also offer an industry-first follow on program for aged care professionals that will equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver group training on site to empower your residents with resilience and enhanced wellbeing.

    Further details can be found here:

    Enhanced Emotional Wellbeing in Late Life Workshop

    Resident Wellness Groups Program






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