Episode 17 - Season One Wrap

podcast Dec 11, 2019

Episode 17: Season One Wrap 

11 December, 2019


I hope you've enjoyed this first season of the show. I've thoroughly enjoyed bringing all the episodes to you and interviewing a wide range of speakers. You see, we don't often talk about Residential Care because most of Australians live in their own homes.
Fact: it's only 5% that live in Residential Aged Care environments. So often this population is forgotten about and we don't necessarily hear positive stories. And my aim was to communicate the various psychosocial benefits that can be delivered to older people whose physical health is declining.
I'm taking a little break over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. However, I'm already mapping out the next season of The Voice of Aged Care, which will come out sometime in early 2020. In the meantime, you can catch up on the previous episodes in your favorite podcast app and also connect with me on Facebook and Instagram. Using the...
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Episode 16 - The Role of Spirituality in Late Life with Jenny Blok

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2019

Episode 16: The Role of Spirituality in Late Life With Jenny Blok

4 December, 2019


Julie speaks with Jenny Blok, who has worked as a Chaplain for 12 years and now manages a team of Chaplains and Pastoral Care Volunteers to support older people both in residential settings and in their homes. Jenny shares how she came to work in Aged Care as a Chaplain, as well as what spiritual care is and who it’s for. Chaplains provide not only religious care but also other areas of spirituality and connection, such as creativity and gardening.

Episode 16: The Role of Spirituality in Late Life with Jenny Blok

4 December, 2019


Jenny and Julie discuss the change in standards that has given more responsibilities to chaplains and created greater expectations and challenges, as well as professionalised the role within Aged Care settings. Jenny explains how her team works with residents who are returning to faith and beliefs later in life,...
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Episode 15 - Taking Care of You

podcast Nov 26, 2019

Episode 15: Taking Care of You

27 November, 2019


In this episode, Julie makes the case for taking care of you as a person who supports older adults in Aged Care. The best outcomes for you, for older people, for families and for management are when we all work together. However, that ultimately comes down to you taking care of yourself and recognising what you may need to do more, or less, of in order to be well.
Julie shares her experience when she started working in Aged Care, and why prioritising self-care is so important. She explains how important it is to start the day on a positive note, and some ways to make your self-care activities more realistic, sustainable and related to your other life goals and priorities.
Julie explains how taking better care of yourself also involves making sure older adults get the support that they need. Plus, in this episode there are a range of practical suggestions about asking for help and support for...
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Episode 14 - Understanding Guided Relaxation and Mindful Breathing with Liz Kraefft

podcast Nov 19, 2019

Episode 14: Understanding Guided Relaxation and Mindful Breathing with Liz Kraefft

20 November, 2019


Julie speaks with Liz Kraefft, a qualified yoga teacher. Liz and Julie discuss Liz’s background and how she got started learning and then teaching yoga. Liz shares how she incorporates relaxation in her yoga sessions and what guided relaxation is. She explains the benefits of guided relaxation practices, and why people often struggle getting started with this practice.
Liz and Julie then discuss yoga and mindfulness for older adults, including the importance of trust and managing fear of falls, as well as how mobility challenges can be accommodated using props like chairs to allow people with injuries or mobility issues to still participate.
Liz explains what mindfulness and mindful breathing are, and why it’s so important to incorporate it in our lives. Liz and Julie finish this interview discussing mindful breathing as a non-drug...
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Episode 13 - Involving Resident Families - Discussion With A Relative

podcast Nov 12, 2019

Episode 13: Involving Resident Families - Discussion With A Relative 

13 November, 2019


Julie discusses the important role of families in helping an older person settle into the Aged Care home, as well as the different ways facilities will involve residents’ families. There are many things that can impact the dynamics of the relationships an older person has with their families, and there are also a number of things that can enhance that to help the resident settle into Aged Care and support them going forwards.
In this episode, hear three ways families can play an integral role when their loved one moves into care, and some practical strategies for families to help support their loved ones.
Julie also shares a part of an interview with a relative whose mother has moved into an Aged Care facility. This woman tells Julie about her experience when her mother moved into care and they discuss the different aspects of that journey and...
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Episode 12 - Men's Group in Residential Care with Bob Creelman

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2019

Episode 12: Men's Group in Residential Care with Bob Creelman

6 November, 2019


Julie speaks with Bob Creelman, a qualified chaplain, scientist, engineer and volunteer. Bob has been running Men’s Groups in Aged Care Facilities for over a decade and he shares a bit about his background and how he came to be doing this work.
Bob explains some of the challenges for older men in Aged Care, the types of discussions had, how the sessions are structured and what he calls ‘The Miracle of Men’s Group’.
Bob also covers how his work was recognised by Positive Living in Aged Care in 2013, and why he’s had such interest from women wanting to join Men’s Group!
Julie and Bob finish the interview talking about why it’s so important to acknowledge when a member of Men’s Group has passed away, and some tips for others who might be wanting to start their own Men’s Group in an Aged Care Facility.
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Episode 11 - Delta Therapy Dog in Residential Care - Insights with Volunteer Trish Carlier

podcast Oct 29, 2019

Episode 11: Delta Therapy Dog in Residential Care - Insights with Volunteer Trish Carlier

30 October, 2019


Julie speaks with Trish Carlier, a volunteer dog visitor in Aged Care Facilities. Trish volunteers with Delta Society, a not-for-profit organisation that is supported by volunteers and their family pets.
Trish explains how she became a volunteer dog visitor and what her visits with Golden Retriever Jazzy to Aged Care Facilities are like. Trish also shares a bit about the process of becoming a volunteer dog visitor, including requirements for the dog as well as requirements for the owner/trainer.
Julie and Trish then discuss the physiological and psycho-social benefits of visiting with pets, and Trish shares some of the changes she has seen in residents, as well as some of the challenges of the role that she has experienced.
You can find out more about Delta Therapy Dogs, including request a visit or become a volunteer, at ...
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Episode 10 - Three Ways to Incorporate Older People's Strengths

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2019

Episode 10: Three Ways to Incorporate Older People's Strengths

23 October, 2019


Julie discusses the often neglected and forgotten topic of older people’s strengths and why we need to incorporate them into Aged Care contexts. We tend to focus on diagnoses and what the restrictions or physical and cognitive limitations a person has. However, it’s important to take a step back and look at the strengths and capabilities of people so that we can help them maintain those skills, and maybe even learn new skills.
Three ways we can work on the strengths of older people and incorporate them into service delivery in meaningful and important ways are by focusing on strengths at admission and during the adjustment phase, by setting and reviewing individualised social goals, and when helping individuals deal with set backs.
If we take the approach of identifying individuals by their values, hopes and aspirations as well as their strengths and...
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Episode 9 - Therapeutic Gardening with Toni Salter

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2019

Episode 9: Therapeutic Gardening with Toni Salter

16 October, 2019


Gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants. Therapeutic gardening is based on the understanding that there is an innate connection between humans and nature. In this episode Julie interviews Toni Salter, The Veggie Lady, a qualified horticulturist. Find out the benefits of gardening for wellbeing, including stress reduction and relaxation. 



2:00 Toni explains her eclectic background and how she turn her preoccupation into an occupation

5:40 Definition of nature-assisted therapy and how it can be incorporated in aged care 

7:30 Gardening for Wellness (for someone experiencing depression and anxiety)

8:45 Julie and Toni shared case studies of gardening in residential care - barriers, strengths and opportunities

11:30 How to respond when an older person says "I used to be a gardener"

14:30 The importance of protecting skin when outdoors


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Episode 8 - The Power of Reminiscence

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2019

Episode 8: The Power of Reminiscence 

9 October, 2019


Reminiscence is a general term covering a range of interventions that involve thinking or telling someone about past experiences that are personally significant. There are three main types of reminiscence and they are discussed in this episode.


2:00 The common misconception about reminiscence and the two essential skills to do reminiscence well

2:40 How we can incorporate reminiscence in daily activities 

6:00 The importance of having an action plan before embarking with reminiscence

8:30 Life Review strategies

11:30 Incorporating memorabilia in reminiscence

13:15 Case Study



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