‘Mrs Brown, how are you today?’ – Embedding New Skills in the Workplace

blog Feb 23, 2021

Training that’s insightful, reflective and fun leaves you energised, motivated and excited to try out your new skills. But once you’ve completed the training, and are left to put it into practice, it can be far harder to implement than you think. Back at work the next day, you may be left wondering how you can possibly embed these new skills into your role. It looked relatively easy during the training session, so why is it so hard to transfer that knowledge and insight into your workplace now?

Sometimes questions pop up that undermine your confidence:

Did I get it right during training?

Will I look silly trying something new?

Will management support and understand why I am changing my approach?

It is also common to feel that we may be intruding on clients by asking lots of questions and engaging beyond the usual exchanging of greetings and completion of the daily set tasks. But for meaningful change to occur, we have to be brave enough to take that first step.

When I...

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