Can we Prevent Depression in Older People?

In recent years there has been a growing, and welcomed, attention to wellbeing in older adults. A number of government, research and media publications highlight the high prevalence of depression in older adults with poor physical health, particularly those who live isolated in their own homes and in nursing homes. The growing awareness highlights two facts - getting old AND having depression is not a normal part of ageing.

 While a number of articles have focused on the high prevalence of depression in older people little is done to suggest what can we do to minimise the effects of depressionHow do we 'cure'?


When discussing the cure for depression there are three important factors we need to examine. These are: strategies to prevent depression even starting, attempts to prevent depression from getting worse and strategies to prevent depression from returning.


But, before JUMP to strategies on how to fix depression once it is present, lets take a...

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