Emotional and Psychological Wellbeing in Aged Care

ageing blog Aug 26, 2021

The last decade has seen an increased awareness on mental wellbeing across the life span including late life.

Generalisations and misconceptions about what it means to get old and the assumption that depression is a normal part of ageing are slowly fading.

A number of health services are available to support the emotional wellbeing of our elders across a range of settings and there are more opportunities for the workforce to receive training, education and support to meet the increased demands of their role.

In this post, I wanted to briefly cover some of the key concepts when discussing emotional and psychological wellbeing in aged care. The topics covered address my own doctorate research and clinical experience. We will review psychological presence at work, emotional contagion, empathy, mental health conditions and grief and loss. 

Psychological Presence at Work

This is a requirement of employees to be "fully there" both physically and emotionally and includes...

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10 Lessons from the Last Decade: What I Wish I Knew When I Started Wise Care

agedcare ageing blog Aug 18, 2021

It feels like yesterday, but in fact it was a decade ago that I started Wise Care. I was about to turn 30 when I quit a full-time management role to follow my passion in improving mental wellbeing of the elderly. Establishing a health service was a major assessment task for my Masters’ degree, MBA Health Service Management and Corporate Governance, and I invented a care model for frail elderly Australians to access psychological support through home visits. I did well in the assignment and the feedback from my lecturer motivated me to turn the assignment into reality. This is the back story of how Wise Care was established and today I am one of Australia’s most experienced aged care psychology consultants, a published author, multi-award winner and sought-after presenter. 

‘I thought I had it all figured out – but in fact, looking back I took a huge risk.’

I left the financial security of a stable job, with no clear pathway to securing work and not...

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Can we Prevent Depression in Older People?

In recent years there has been a growing, and welcomed, attention to wellbeing in older adults. A number of government, research and media publications highlight the high prevalence of depression in older adults with poor physical health, particularly those who live isolated in their own homes and in nursing homes. The growing awareness highlights two facts - getting old AND having depression is not a normal part of ageing.

 While a number of articles have focused on the high prevalence of depression in older people little is done to suggest what can we do to minimise the effects of depressionHow do we 'cure'?


When discussing the cure for depression there are three important factors we need to examine. These are: strategies to prevent depression even starting, attempts to prevent depression from getting worse and strategies to prevent depression from returning.


But, before JUMP to strategies on how to fix depression once it is present, lets take a...

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