Terms And Conditions



Unless otherwise agreed, the following terms and conditions apply to all services supplied by Wise Care Pty Ltd. Where applicable these terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with Wise Care’s schedule of consulting rates.

  1.  Normal Work Times: Work/life balance is important to us. Normal rates apply 8 am to 6 pm weekdays. Priority rates may apply if you require us to work substantially outside these normal times.
  2. Travel Expenses: Any agree travel and associated expenses are charged to your account or will be invoiced at cost plus 10%.

  3. Travel Time: Travel time outside a consultant’s home city is chargeable at normal hourly rates.

  4. Fee deposit: We may require you to pay a fee deposit before our work commences. The paid deposit sum will be deducted from our final fee amount.

  5. Payment: invoices are issued as soon as possible after project completion. Payment is required strictly net 14 days after date of invoice. Monthly progress invoices may be submitted for longer projects.

  6. Late Payments: At our sole discretion overdue accounts may incur a 10% per annum (plus GST) bookkeeping fee. Accounts more than one month overdue will be handed on to our debt collection agency.

  7. Cancellation: Please note 10 business days’ notice is required for any cancellation of training.

  8. Termination: Either party may terminate a project by written notice. We will invoice only the amount of hours and third party expenses incurred up to the time of the termination notice, or if training is cancelled in less than 10 business days.

  9. Intellectual Property Rights: all blog posts, downloads from our website and course content delivered by Wise Care remains the property of Wise Care. All materials obtained from face-to-face and online training are to be used exclusively by the assigned user and not to be photocopied in masses and repurposed in any way.




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