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My name is Dr Julie Bajic Smith and I’m here to confront the elephant in the room

Over half the people in residential aged care in Australia suffer from depression.

To put things into perspective, there were more than 271,000  older adults in residential aged care in 2017*.

Wise Care is a one-of-a-kind community for allied health professionals, aged care providers, and families.

It is where I share real experiences, clinical knowledge and award-winning strategies so that you can meet the emotional needs of the elderly in aged care.

My mission is to halve the depression rate in Australian residential homes by 2022 and I hope you can join me.


Source: https://www.gen-agedcaredata.gov.au/Resources/Dashboards/Aged-care-data-snapshot-2018

Learn with me

Allied Health Professionals

A rare and unique opportunity for allied health professionals to discover how to tap into the growing market of aged care. In this 4-week course, you’ll learn how to boost ongoing referrals and improve the wellbeing of your new clients with award-winning strategies. 


For Aged Care Providers

An industry-first program to help aged care providers improve resilience and mental health outcomes in their clients. Transform your staff into Licensed Facilitators to run on-site award winning group wellness sessions with all the materials and ongoing support.


For The Workforce

Learn practical strategies to better understand how to escalate concerns about client wellbeing, improve engagement with socially isolated clients who may experience loneliness and to embed a strengths based approach to service delivery by curating social goals.


I am your aged care psychology consultant

I have dedicated my life to aged care psychology for over a decade.

I began as a practising psychologist helping hundreds of older adults transition smoothly into aged care. It was during this time that my clients kept telling me how much they felt their caregivers lacked the understanding needed to support them emotionally.

And so began my crusade as an aged care psychology consultant and mentor.



In 2018, depression was the most commonly diagnosed mental health condition among people in permanent residential aged care. 


Every person in aged care deserves to be heard, understood and loved.




The Voice of Aged Care Podcast

The Voice of Aged Care’ is your definitive view into the world of aged care.

Join me and my guests as we share real experiences, rare insights, insider knowledge and easy tips on how to deliver better emotional care for the elderly.

Let’s start conversations that have been left unsaid. Let’s learn, share and empower one another to shape a better future for aged care.

Podcast Features:

✔  Guest interviews with key industry players (mental  
     health professionals, art and music therapists, families &

✔  No academic jargon or unrealistic recommendations

✔  Real case studies

✔  Learn what works and what doesn’t

✔  Strategies that are easy to understand and use


"Thank you for all the useful and practical information provided in the tapping into aged care program via the modules and Q&A sessions. I was not sure what to expect and found it all very valuable. Yes I would definitely be recommending it to any others wanting to work in Aged Care and not knowing where to start.""

S.C., Psychologist

"I would recommend to all my colleagues to complete the program"

C.P., Registered Nurse

"Wonderful session - would be of great benefit for RN's new to aged care."

Jennifer, J., Facility Manager

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Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: Episode 16: The Role of Spirituality in Late Life with Jenny Blok


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