Wise Care exists to optimise mental health outcomes for the elderly by enhancing workforce capability through the delivery of award-winning programs to aged care providers.

We are living longer than ever and are privileged to be surrounded by our elderly. Majority of older adults are in good physical health and maintain independence in late stages of their lives. In Australia, up to 95% of elders live in their own homes, with the remaining living in residential care. Elderly who experiences increased need for personal care favour in-home care rather than moving to a nursing home where the prevalence of mental health conditions is high (1 in 2 clients experience depression).

Declining physical health is a significant risk factor for developing changes in emotional wellbeing. Without training, it can be difficult to recognise if the older person is experiencing grief, depression, or anxiety and how to best support them to reduce the risk of isolation, self-neglect and the risk of suicide (according to ABS, the highest rates of suicide are in men aged 85+ years).

Through self-paced e-learning workshops and award-winning licensed programs, I strength the skill set of those who support the elderly to ensure we escalate concerns in a timely manner, deliver engagement and meaningful participation in line with the older person’s strengths and social goals. This helps us create engaged and supportive clients and nurturing environments. 

I'm experienced clinician and researcher in both home care and residential settings and my mission is to improve mental wellbeing of our elders who experience health setbacks. I hope you can join me. 


Experienced Facilitator

Workshops are developed experienced psychologists with over a decade experience in aged care. Julie has designed award winning group programs which reduce care costs and improve clinical outcomes.

E-learning Capability

Our online workshops are self-paced and participants have unlimited access to the course portal for the life of the course. No rush to get all modules completed at once or for the content to disappear!

Industry Endorsed

Our workshops are endorsed by the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) and the Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA). Upon completion participants are required to complete a brief assessment and are issued with a certificate of completion.

Learn with me

Beyond the Reluctant Move Book

Essential reading for the aged care workforce, family members and loved ones. Filled with practical strategies and real stories from our elders and those who support them.  Available in print and e-book.


Grief and Loss in Late Life - Introduction

Grief is a normal part of life. However, in late life, it is often experienced more frequently. This introductory course (2 hours) offers key terminology and concepts around grief in late life including the difference between grief and depression and strategies to overcome grief. 


Enhancing Emotional Wellbeing in Late Life

Learn practical strategies to better understand and emotionally support clients, improve engagement and resilience to overcome social isolation. The Enhanced Wellbeing in Late Life course has been endorsed by ACWA and will transform the delivery of emotional care.


"Thank you for all the useful and practical information provided in the tapping into aged care program via the modules and Q&A sessions. I was not sure what to expect and found it all very valuable. Yes I would definitely be recommending it to any others wanting to work in Aged Care and not knowing where to start.""

S.C., Psychologist

"I would recommend to all my colleagues to complete the program"

C.P., Registered Nurse

"Wonderful session - would be of great benefit for RN's new to aged care."

Jennifer, J., Facility Manager

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Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

Episode 27 - Why We Need to Tackle Grief in Late Life

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: Episode 27 - Why We Need to Tackle Grief in Late Life

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