Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

Episode 16: The Role of Spirituality in Late Life with Jenny Blok

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: Episode 16: The Role of Spirituality in Late Life with Jenny Blok

My journey into aged care psychology

It’s hard to believe but almost a decade ago, you couldn’t find a single job listing for ‘aged care psychologist’. That’s when I founded Wise Care and began practising on my own.

For five years, I travelled to aged care homes and facilities to provide treatment and face-to-face intervention for the elderly.

My journey would take a dramatic turn when I kept hearing the same thing from my patients - I’m not getting the right emotional support from my caregivers.

This moved me to return to university and complete my PhD in Emotional and Psychological Wellbeing in Home Care Workers.

As a result, I have evolved to become an Aged Care Psychology Consultant.

To all my past patients, thank you for inspiring me to take the path that I’m on today.

"In 2017, I fell pregnant with my daughter. It was also the time when the health of a long-term client had suddenly declined. So there I was, by her side in her final moments, one hand holding hers, the other feeling my baby move in my stomach. I became connected to both ends of life’s journey. This single moment changed my life and made me realise just how vulnerable older people are and how much love, care and support they need in their later life."

My mission is to halve the depression rate among aged care residents by 2022

In the past decade, I’ve seen an alarming statistic grow to become a mental health crisis. But sadly, issues like isolation, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts among older people remain a blind spot.

Wise Care is the beacon of light that the aged care community needs.

I help allied health professionals leave the comfort of their consulting rooms to go where the elderly need their help the most, in private and nursing homes.

I help aged care providers go from being a place of stressed employees and disengaged residents to a vibrant environment where staff feel productive and residents feel understood and loved.

I help family members go from being overwhelmed and confused about the aged care transition to becoming a vital support network for their loved ones.

BPsych (Hons), Grad Dip, MBA, MAPS, PhD


✔Registered Psychologist

✔Board Approved Psychology Supervisor

✔Psychology Board of Australia - Full Registration


🏆 Won the Positive Living in Aged Care Award for group sessions I co-facilitated with residents at an aged care facility.

🏅 Nominated for the 2019 Allied Health Impact Achievement Award for my work in supporting residents, teaching staff and families on how to boost wellbeing for the elderly.

Over the years, I’ve worked with some of the most recognised aged care organisations, trained thousands of aged care workers and allied health professionals, and supported endless families across Australia to help their loved ones make a smooth transition into aged care.

Together, we can shape a better future for everyone in aged care.

‘The Voice of Aged Care’ is your definitive view into the world of aged care.

Join me and my guests as we share real experiences, rare insights, insider knowledge and easy tips on how to deliver better emotional care for the elderly.

Let’s start conversations that have been left unsaid. Let’s learn, share and empower one another to shape a better future for aged care.

Podcast Features:

✔  Guest interviews with key industry players (mental 
     health professionals, art and music therapists, families &

✔  No academic jargon or unrealistic recommendations

✔  Real case studies

✔  Learn what works and what doesn’t

✔  Strategies that are easy to understand and use


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