Re-Engagement After Prolonged Isolation

Isolation has been a long-standing issue for many older adults whose physical health has declined and support needs increased. Sadly, in many instances isolation has been normalised as normal part of ageing, along with the assumption that depression too is just part of getting old. In this article we are going to explore latest research on the impact of isolation in late life, particularly related to COVID-19 offer strategies how to gently reintroduce opportunities for better engagement and social connections in late life.

The Problem

Many individuals who experience isolation may subsequently experience loneliness and be at risk of developing mental health condition(s). They are not as active, engaged and well as they once were and may not be able to jump in the car as readily as before, go for a walk or organise a holiday with friends or family. Life is different, their support needs have increased and their losses may be multiple - loss of independence, loss of value,...

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