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Five Facts About Me is an easy, fast and effective exercise in getting to know the elders in your care. It is a useful for elders who live in their own homes and those in residential care settings. This popular resource has been updated recently and incorporates strength building activity, which is discussed in detail in our signature workshop Enhancing Emotional Wellbeing in Late Life.


Why it all starts with the perfect engagement...

Before I started my business, I didn't give much thought to how we get the best and most useful information about an elderly client.

But now I get that if we do not understand what is important to our client and what their strengths are, we will never truly understand how to best support them, am I right? 

That's why I started looking for new ways to capture this information as easily as possible.

I realised that it's the small bite size facts that make the biggest impact. Favourite activity, laying out clothes the night before, drinking tea while watching morning news, and finding 10 minutes to identify three good things before sleep.

Curious to see how this information can easily be captured and shared between service providers to best support the elderly person? You'll have to download the resource to see ...

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