Mental Health and Responsibility

Season #1 Episode #5

Julie speaks about the very important topic of mental health for older people, and the question of who is responsible for the mental health of older people. If a young person is experiencing depression and anxiety, and getting support for their mental health, there is a perception that it is up to the client as to what they do between consultations. Is it the same principle in older people? Listen in to find out.
In this episode, Julie also shares about the group program she runs in aged care facilities, and how she is training staff to run the programs to support older people. Mental health training is so important for home care workers and aged care staff, so we can all make sure older person gets the right support.
No person is too old to learn new tricks, and in the case of aged care, there is an opportunity to up-skill the entire team that supports the older person. There’s also an opportunity to work with families and empower them in improving the mental health outcomes of older people.
Mental health conditions in older people in residential settings is at unacceptably high rates, and we need to work together to improve those outcomes.
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