What is the Voice of Aged Care?

Season #1 Episode #1

Welcome to the first episode of the Voice of Aged Care. This episode covers a bit about the podcast and what information you’ll hear in the upcoming episodes.
In this episode, host Dr. Julie Bajic Smith tells you about the podcast and what you will hear in upcoming episodes. She also shares bit about her background, experience and journey to aged care, as well as how she works with residents and staff at aged care facilities, allied health professionals and families of older adults.
The Voice of Aged Care will offer you tips and tricks on improving service delivery without complexity and overwhelm. Each episode will include information that is inspirational, provides you with insider knowledge and real experiences and most importantly, it will be described in easy to understand ways so that it’s not overwhelming or confusing.
“In this podcast I wanted to share with you some inspirational stories which I myself have encountered a number of times in aged care. You see, not everything’s negative or dark: there are people out there who are excited to be able to work with this population, and equally there are people who live in aged care homes who are happy with the environment and who are in fact thriving.” ~ Dr. Julie Bajic Smith
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