Get to Know the Host - Dr Julie is in the Hot Seat (Interviewed by Maurie Voisey-Barlin)

Season #2 Episode #25

In this episode Dr Julie is in the Hot Seat as we get to know the host. We welcome back to the show Maurie Voisey-Barlin who is interviewing Julie. Maurie and Julie discuss Julie’s background, including her upbringing in Bosnia and then New Zealand, and doing her university study in Australia.
Julie shares how moving to a new country where she didn’t speak English at the age of 11 has impacted her interest in communication and connection, as well as the special connection she had with older people from a young age.
Maurie and Julie then discuss why she decided to focus on Aged Care, when and how WiseCare started and all about her research and work first with 1:1 psychology and now in the mentoring and training of the Aged Care Workforce.
They cover the potential for growth and thriving in Aged Care, how to deal with and give families the right support, as well as empowering workers in Aged Care to both support the needs but also have a strengths-based approach to the residents, plus much more.
Finally, Julie shares some of the biggest lessons and biggest wins from her time working in this industry, as well as her goals and what’s next for Julie and WiseCare.


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