Exploring Aged Care, with Jo Muirhead

Season #2 Episode #23

Julie speaks with Jo Muirhead, a Rehabilitation Consultant and the leader of Purple and Co. Jo tells Julie about her Great Aunt Gwen, a bit about her life story and some of the challenges as she aged and moved into care, as well as why she was so influential in Jo’s life. Jo also explores some of the stereotypes about older people being grumpy, judgemental and technologically challenged, and how Great Aunt Gwen defied those ideas.
Julie and Jo then discuss some of the reasons why more health care professionals aren’t working in Aged Care, as well as some of the misunderstandings that health care professionals often have about accessibility and engagement issues for that Aged Care population. Jo shares some of her experiences with the fact that all health professionals are always rushed and under-resourced, and how this is a barrier to client-centred focus, but an even bigger challenge in the Aged Care industry.
Jo and Julie cover the importance of properly supporting residents and resourcing the care that people need in a way that they can receive it, as well as the sense many health care workers in Aged Care Facilities have of being isolated.
They then discuss the opportunities and challenges of self-promotion and social media PR as a health care professional, and how to get the word out that depression and dementia is not a normal part of ageing. Julie and Jo finish their conversation discussing Jo’s health journey and how she’s advocated for herself as a patient and also for her mother as a resident in a Facility too.
Find out more about Jo at https://jomuirhead.com/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jo.muirhead/


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