Diversional Therapy with Donna Valantis

Season #2 Episode #21

Julie speaks with Donna Valantis, a Diversional Therapist who works as a Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator. Donna tells us about her background and how she became involved in the Aged Care industry.
Julie and Donna discuss what Diversional Therapists do, and the differences between a Diversional Therapist, Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator and a Recreational Activities Officer.
Donna then explains how Diversional Therapy works, the types of activities that could be on offer, as well as the important role of volunteers and the community in these activities. She explains some of the activities volunteers can participate in, the process of becoming a volunteer and benefits for the volunteers as well as the benefits for residents having a variety and combination of these roles and activities.
Julie and Donna explore some of the misconceptions many people have about Aged Care, how Donna addresses that and some of the ways Donna and her team support resident having difficulty adjusting to living in an Aged Care facility.
Donna and Julie then discuss the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on residents and staff, and some of the many ways technology has been helping. Finally, Donna tells us the three things she’d like to see change in the Aged Care industry if she had a magic wand. 


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