Leisure and Lifestyle, with Del Marie McAlister

Season #2 Episode #18

Welcome back to the first episode this year after Julie returns from maternity leave to this strange time we’re all living with during COVID. Julie will discuss the impact this has had with every guest for the remainder of the year.
In this episode Julie speaks with Del Marie McAlister, a leisure and lifestyle consultant who has worked in Aged Care for a long time now. Del also has a background as a chaplain and volunteer coordinator, as well as in grief counselling and freelance journalism so she has many skills to bring to her work.
More recently, Del has been working in the Aged Care sector during the pandemic so Julie speaks with her about the impact that has had and how she has been able to bring her skills and expertise to today’s world.
Del shares a bit about her background and the training she offers leisure and lifestyle personnel, as well as about her books.
Julie and Del then discuss the Inspire Magazine and CARE model that the Del has created, how it came about and the benefits it offers.
Del also explains the impact COVID has had on the residents she’s worked with this year and what they did to find out what the residents wanted and needed to be supported during this time.
Julie and Del finish their interview discussing the way changes to activities and digital communication and virtual connection with families has been increasingly important this year and why it needs to continue in the decade to come even when social distancing is no longer required.
To connect with Del and get her books and magazine, visit www.delmariemcalister.com


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