Taking Care of You

Season #1 Episode #15

In this episode, Julie makes the case for taking care of you as a person who supports older adults in Aged Care. The best outcomes for you, for older people, for families and for management are when we all work together. However, that ultimately comes down to you taking care of yourself and recognising what you may need to do more, or less, of in order to be well.
Julie shares her experience when she started working in Aged Care, and why prioritising self-care is so important. She explains how important it is to start the day on a positive note, and some ways to make your self-care activities more realistic, sustainable and related to your other life goals and priorities.
Julie explains how taking better care of yourself also involves making sure older adults get the support that they need. Plus, in this episode there are a range of practical suggestions about asking for help and support for you, and for others.


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