Episode 12 - Men's Group in Residential Care with Bob Creelman

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2019

Episode 12: Men's Group in Residential Care with Bob Creelman

6 November, 2019


Julie speaks with Bob Creelman, a qualified chaplain, scientist, engineer and volunteer. Bob has been running Men’s Groups in Aged Care Facilities for over a decade and he shares a bit about his background and how he came to be doing this work.
Bob explains some of the challenges for older men in Aged Care, the types of discussions had, how the sessions are structured and what he calls ‘The Miracle of Men’s Group’.
Bob also covers how his work was recognised by Positive Living in Aged Care in 2013, and why he’s had such interest from women wanting to join Men’s Group!
Julie and Bob finish the interview talking about why it’s so important to acknowledge when a member of Men’s Group has passed away, and some tips for others who might be wanting to start their own Men’s Group in an Aged Care Facility.
1:43 Bob shares his experience and how started to volunteer in Aged Care 
4:15 Bob explains what is men's group and the target audience
7:10 Julie asks Bob about the challenges for older men in aged care
21:20 Is it possible to organise women's group?
24:00 Bob shares tips for listeners who might be looking at organising a men's group in their facility

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