Episode 16 - The Role of Spirituality in Late Life with Jenny Blok

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2019

Episode 16: The Role of Spirituality in Late Life With Jenny Blok

4 December, 2019


Julie speaks with Jenny Blok, who has worked as a Chaplain for 12 years and now manages a team of Chaplains and Pastoral Care Volunteers to support older people both in residential settings and in their homes. Jenny shares how she came to work in Aged Care as a Chaplain, as well as what spiritual care is and who it’s for. Chaplains provide not only religious care but also other areas of spirituality and connection, such as creativity and gardening.

Episode 16: The Role of Spirituality in Late Life with Jenny Blok

4 December, 2019


Jenny and Julie discuss the change in standards that has given more responsibilities to chaplains and created greater expectations and challenges, as well as professionalised the role within Aged Care settings. Jenny explains how her team works with residents who are returning to faith and beliefs later in life, as well as those who have culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and the challenges of that particularly when combined with a residents’ dementia.
Jenny tells us why it’s important for Chaplains to work closely with families and with the whole care team, as well as other religious practitioners. Finally, Jenny shares some tops for listeners who might be looking at organising spiritual care for their family member who has moved into care.

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