Episode 9 - Therapeutic Gardening with Toni Salter

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2019

Episode 9: Therapeutic Gardening with Toni Salter

16 October, 2019


Gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants. Therapeutic gardening is based on the understanding that there is an innate connection between humans and nature. In this episode Julie interviews Toni Salter, The Veggie Lady, a qualified horticulturist. Find out the benefits of gardening for wellbeing, including stress reduction and relaxation. 



2:00 Toni explains her eclectic background and how she turn her preoccupation into an occupation

5:40 Definition of nature-assisted therapy and how it can be incorporated in aged care 

7:30 Gardening for Wellness (for someone experiencing depression and anxiety)

8:45 Julie and Toni shared case studies of gardening in residential care - barriers, strengths and opportunities

11:30 How to respond when an older person says "I used to be a gardener"

14:30 The importance of protecting skin when outdoors

21:20 Training available for aged care facilities and how to involve the residents

23:40 Recommendations for families who have loved ones in care




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