Episode 3 - Speech Pathology with Jenny Cole-Virtue

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2019


Many people often wonder what speech pathologists do and how their services are integrated into aged care. Today Julie interviews Jenny Cole-Virtue, Senior Speech Pathologists about her role in aged care. Jenny is passionate about assessing risks and safety of older adults.

1:10 Jenny explains the role of speech pathologists in aged care

2:20 Julie asks Jenny how it is determined who has an assessment with a speech pathologist

3:45 Jenny explains the importance of team work in aged care, involving staff and families of her clients

4:40 Jenny explains what is dysphagia and how it affects older people

5:50 Jenny shares a success story

7:15 The importance of regular reviews is discussed, as Jenny states that some clients can improve after hospital admission and their dietary intake can be expanded to include a larger variety and texture of food

11:00 How family can incorporate advice from speech pathologists in outings and the importance of regular contact between families and speech pathologists

12:00 The role of speech pathology in palliative care

14:40 Julie asks Jenny of the role of speech pathology under new Aged Care Quality Standards and quality of life choices




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