Voice of Aged Care

Voice of Aged Care

Hosted by: Dr. Julie Bajic Smith

Dr. Julie Bajic Smith is an award winning Aged Care Psychology Consultant with a mission: to halve depression rates in Australian aged care facilities by 2022. Her research has demonstrated a link between the...


Merry Christmas and See You Next Season

Season #1 Episode #17

I hope you've enjoyed this first season of the show. I've thoroughly enjoyed bringing all the episodes to you and interviewing a wide range of speakers. You see, we don't often talk about Residential Care because most...
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The Role of Spirituality in Late Life with Jenny Blok

Season #1 Episode #16

Julie speaks with Jenny Blok, who has worked as a Chaplain for 12 years and now manages a team of Chaplains and Pastoral Care Volunteers to support older people both in residential settings and in their homes. Jenny...
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Taking Care of You

Season #1 Episode #15

In this episode, Julie makes the case for taking care of you as a person who supports older adults in Aged Care. The best outcomes for you, for older people, for families and for management are when we all work...
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Understanding Guided Relaxation and Mindful Breathing with Liz Kraefft

Season #1 Episode #14

Julie speaks with Liz Kraefft, a qualified yoga teacher. Liz and Julie discuss Liz’s background and how she got started learning and then teaching yoga. Liz shares how she incorporates relaxation in her yoga sessions...
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Involving Resident Families - Discussion With A Relative

Season #1 Episode #13

Julie discusses the important role of families in helping an older person settle into the Aged Care home, as well as the different ways facilities will involve residents’ families. There are many things that can...
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Men's Group in Residential Care with Bob Creelman

Season #1 Episode #12

Julie speaks with Bob Creelman, a qualified chaplain, scientist, engineer and volunteer. Bob has been running Men’s Groups in Aged Care Facilities for over a decade and he shares a bit about his background and how he...
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Delta Therapy Dog in Residential Care - Insights with Volunteer Trish Carlier

Season #1 Episode #11

Julie speaks with Trish Carlier, a volunteer dog visitor in Aged Care Facilities. Trish volunteers with Delta Society, a not-for-profit organisation that is supported by volunteers and their family pets. Trish...
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Three Ways to Incorporate Older People's Strengths

Season #1 Episode #10

Julie discusses the often neglected and forgotten topic of older people’s strengths and why we need to incorporate them into Aged Care contexts. We tend to focus on diagnoses and what the restrictions or physical and...
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Therapeutic Gardening with Toni Salter

Season #1 Episode #9

Julie speaks with Toni Salter, a qualified horticulturist and recreational activities officer who is also known as The Veggie Lady. Toni shares her journey of using gardening as a kind of therapy in her own life, and...
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The Power of Reminiscence

Season #1 Episode #8

Julie explains the benefits of reminiscence as a powerful non-pharmacological intervention to wellbeing, especially for older adults in aged care environments. Julie shares the main requirements you need to be able...
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Mental Health Condition In Late Life: A Case Study

Season #1 Episode #7

Julie speaks about the importance of discussing mental health in older older adults. Quite often mental health are undetected, undiagnosed and not treated and this goes across the lifespan. In this episode Julie...
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The Benefits of Music Therapy, Joanna Haire

Season #1 Episode #6

Julie speaks with Joanna Haire about her journey to become a Music Therapist and the numerous benefits music therapy offers across the lifespan but especially for the wellbeing of older populations. Joanna explains...
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