Voice of Aged Care

Voice of Aged Care

Hosted by: Dr. Julie Bajic Smith

Dr. Julie Bajic Smith is an award winning Aged Care Psychology Consultant with a mission: to halve depression rates in Australian aged care facilities by 2022. Her research has demonstrated a link between the...


Improving Aged Care Staff Morale

Season #2 Episode #31

Working in aged care is rewarding but can also be challenging. The last two years have been particularly difficult with increased work demands. In this episode we discuss the importance of examining this topic,...
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Staying Motivated at Work and Dealing with Client Turnover

Season #2 Episode #30

In this episode we discuss the challenges of experiencing client turnover in aged care. We will cover communication styles, resilience building activities and the importance of self-care strategies. Links Buy my...
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#29: Supporting Elderly Clients With Multiple Losses

Season #2 Episode #29

If you are supporting an older person chances are they have experienced a loss. It may be necessarily be the loss of a loved one, it could the loss of independence, value, role and meaning. In this episode we discuss...
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Getting Upset When Elderly Client Dies

Season #2 Episode #28

Professionally most of us are okay in discussing grief with our clients. However, when we are affected by workplace grief ourselves we may find it difficult to know what is okay to say or do. In this episode we...
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Why We Need to Tackle Grief in Late Life

Season #2 Episode #27

Grief is commonly misunderstood, perceived to be a mental health condition and something which can make many people uncomfortable. In this episode we explore grief - what it is and how it impacts the elderly. In late...
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Why Ethics and Maintaining Professional Boundaries in Aged Care is Important

Season #2 Episode #26

Working in aged care presents unique challenges as workplace is often the older person's home, either privately owned or in residential care. In this episode we discuss the impact of remote work and why maintaining...
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Get to Know the Host - Dr Julie is in the Hot Seat (Interviewed by Maurie Voisey-Barlin)

Season #2 Episode #25

In this episode Dr Julie is in the Hot Seat as we get to know the host. We welcome back to the show Maurie Voisey-Barlin who is interviewing Julie. Maurie and Julie discuss Julie’s background, including her upbringing...
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Demystifying Palliative Care, with Kelly Arthurs

Season #2 Episode #24

Julie speaks with experienced Clinical Nurse Consultant, Kelly Arthurs, a Registered Nurse who specialises in Palliative Care. It’s a very important topic that is often not discussed openly in Aged Care because people...
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Exploring Aged Care, with Jo Muirhead

Season #2 Episode #23

Julie speaks with Jo Muirhead, a Rehabilitation Consultant and the leader of Purple and Co. Jo tells Julie about her Great Aunt Gwen, a bit about her life story and some of the challenges as she aged and moved into...
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Resident Perspective with Rev. Ron Baker

Season #2 Episode #22

Julie speaks with Reverend Ron Baker, who is almost 90-years old and lives in a residential aged care facility in Australia. Ron has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of topics and he has first-hand...
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Diversional Therapy with Donna Valantis

Season #2 Episode #21

Julie speaks with Donna Valantis, a Diversional Therapist who works as a Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator. Donna tells us about her background and how she became involved in the Aged Care industry. Julie and Donna...
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Swinburne National Telehealth Counselling and Support Service for Aged Care with Prof. Sunil Bhar

Season #2 Episode #20

Julie speaks with Professor Sunil Bhar about the Swinburne National Telehealth Counselling and Support Service for Aged Care. Sunil tells us about his background in private practice and research, as well as what...
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