Episode 4 - Love to Live Angels Physical Activity and Entertainment

podcast Sep 11, 2019


Encouraging older people to increase their physical activity can be challenging. Today Julie talks to Michelle and Mike from Love to Live program about their passion and drive to boost physical activity and social connection with the elderly and their new project which involves training facilitators across Australia.

1:23 The design of the Love to Live Program and bringing entertainment and physical activity

2:22 Michelle explains the structure of the sessions

4:00 Michelle explains the concept behind the Love to Live program

6:04 The connection between low mood and participation in the program

7:20 Case Study – Graeme 

8:40 Mike explains the opportunity to become a licensee of the Love to Live Program

12:00 Overview of the training requirements to run the program

14:30 The importance of passion for aged care

16:30 Mike and Michelle explain the best ways to get in touch with them (and you can click on this link to get to their website)




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