Episode 5 - Mental Health: Whose Responsibility?

podcast Sep 18, 2019

Episode 5: Mental Health – Whose Responsibility? 

18 September, 2019


 In this episode Julie reviews the current trends in mental health in older people and discusses the importance of collaboration with health professionals, aged care providers and families to improve mental health outcomes for older people. Julie is passionate about the delivery of preventative measures to help with adjustment to an aged care environment and discusses how she licenses her group programs to aged care homes, where staff can be upskilled in running her signature award winning group program which promotes resilience and strengths. 


1:20  Julie discusses the difference between managing mental health conditions in younger people versus in older people 

3:00 Julie shares her early experiences in providing home consultations and the barriers that would prevent clients to achieve their goals

4:30 Additional supports that may be required for older people to achieve their goals

7:00 Julie provides an overview of her licensed wellness program to aged care providers which helps older adults build resilience and strengths 

11:00 A brief overview on the mental health referrals – is it a mental health condition or grief and loss?

13:40 The impact of reduced mobility in an older person 

16:00 How families can help older people integrate more into aged care environment


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