Episode 6 - Music Therapy in Residential Care with Johanna Haire

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2019

Episode 6: Music Therapy in Residential Care with Johanna Haire

25 September, 2019


We turn to music in moments of celebration and in moments of sadness. In this episode Julie interviews a qualified music therapist, Johanna Haire. Johanna visits a number of aged care facilities through Sydney and shares with us the structure of her sessions, how she engages the residents and the effects of music on wellbeing. 


1:36 Johanna defines music therapy and its diversity 

5:00 Johanna explains how she started working in aged care as a music therapist

6:52 Discussion around the introduction of music therapy and how it is targeted in aged care, individuals vs groups

8:00 Johanna discusses the process of engaging new residents in music therapy

12:00 The importance of "matching the mood" is covered by Johanna

13:10 The importance of flexibility in structuring the group sessions

24:30 Johanna answers on how she shares successes from her music therapy sessions

26:00 Opportunities for individual music sessions are discussed, particularly with individuals who have dementia in residential care

29:00 The benefits of individual sessions in people's homes




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