Episode 2 - The Benefits of Art Therapy with Roxy Taylor

podcast Aug 29, 2019

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The benefits of art therapy have been demonstrated in a wide range of settings. Today, we discuss the role of art therapy in aged care with Roxy Taylor. Roxy shares with Julie her passion for helping older adults express themselves through art, regardless of their emotional wellbeing and physical health status.

1:20 Roxy briefly provides her background in as an art therapist

3:00 Roxy shares how suitable clients are selected for art therapy program

4:22 How shares how she works with other professionals and the importance of interdisciplinary referrals

4:55 How art therapy honours individuality of each client in art sessions

6:05 Roxy discusses the biggest challenge of working in aged care facilities

7:05 How Roxy incorporates mindfulness into the delivery of art therapy sessions

8:30 The influence of dementia in art sessions

8:55 How Roxy handles the initial resistance from clients

10:05 What is important to avoid in art therapy sessions

11:30 What helps to retain clients in art therapy sessions

12:30 The importance of using good quality tools

14:00 How frequently should art therapy sessions be offered in facilities?

15:00 Julie discusses the role of art therapy in mental health with Roxy expanding on the benefits of art therapy expressed to her by clients who have dark thoughts

17:00 Julie asks Roxy what happens with the paintings once they are finished

19:00 How the art work is shared from clients with their loved ones locally and internationally

 21:00 Roxy discusses how clients can excel in art therapy despite declining health



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