Voice of Aged Care

Voice of Aged Care

Hosted by: Dr. Julie Bajic Smith

Dr. Julie Bajic Smith is an award winning Aged Care Psychology Consultant with a mission: to halve depression rates in Australian aged care facilities by 2022. Her research has demonstrated a link between the...


Mental Health and Responsibility

Season #1 Episode #5

Julie speaks about the very important topic of mental health for older people, and the question of who is responsible for the mental health of older people. If a young person is experiencing depression and anxiety,...
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The Love to Live Program, with Michelle Harrison and Mike Thomas

Season #1 Episode #4

Julie speaks with Michelle and Mike, the founders of the Love to Live Program that runs in aged care facilities to entertain residents and that provides a number of others benefits too. Michelle tells us how the...
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Speech Pathology and Aged Care, with Jenny Cole

Season #1 Episode #3

Julie speaks with Jenny Cole about her work as a Speech Pathologist in the Aged Care Sector. Jenny shares what she does and how speech pathology works in the Aged Care setting. Jenny and July discuss the role of...
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The Benefits of Art Therapy, with Roxy Taylor

Season #1 Episode #2

Julie speaks with Roxy Taylor about her journey to become an Art Therapist and why she chose to pursue the career within the Aged Care Sector. Roxy shares how the process unfolds, which residents will take part and...
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What is the Voice of Aged Care?

Season #1 Episode #1

Welcome to the first episode of the Voice of Aged Care. This episode covers a bit about the podcast and what information you’ll hear in the upcoming episodes. In this episode, host Dr. Julie Bajic Smith tells you...
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